Tineke De Meyer
Periphery Songs
A quartet of soundwalks, commissioned by De Unie Hasselt-Genk,
wherein the lives of four Hasselt citizens are weaved together.
The form and accent of each individuals voice became the basis for a composition.
The unique melody of the local dialect and the music score become one, a mixture of reality and fiction creates an intimate portrait of Hasselt. The four lives you follow in the soundwalks intersect each other in time and place
to create a quartet you experience by walking, a document of the lives in the periphery.

Four walks of 20 minutes, within the ring of Hasselt
Free audioset to be collected in Z33, containing headphones, a city map and MP3-player
Still on view at Z33, Hasselt
Collaboration with Duncan Speakman and Sarah Anderson (art collective Circumstance)